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108: (Not-Quite-Traditional) Roast Turkey Dinner

This meal is the holiday favorite that is so good, Julia and Jacques recommend it for any day of the year...Roast Turkey with sausage and cornbread stuffing, gravy made the old-fashioned way from the pan-drippings, accompanied by creamed onions and a zesty Cranberry-Apple Chutney. The "not-quite traditional" method, which has to be seen, is the inventive way the turkey is cut-up before cooking, and then roasted and re-assembled for serving.

109: Soup

Four classic soups made from scratch in Julia’s kitchen: aromatic steaming hot French Onion Soup, topped with heaps of melted, baked cheese; Vichyssoise, or chilled Leek and Potato soup, as well as an original variation on the theme using watercress; and a hearty Mediterranean fish stew with an authentic rouille. And, because no show about would be complete without Chicken soup, we are presented chicken & noodle and chicken & rice soups.

110: Eggs

Eggs--all sizes, all types from chicken to quail to ostrich… soft, scrambled, poached… from omelets to fritatas to eggs benedict…not to mention Julia and Jacques scrambling an ostrich egg as voluminous as a dozen and a half Grade A Large.

111: Pork

A classic of the American table--pork chops and applesauce, is the starting point for three J&J improvisations: aromatic grilled, stuffed pork chops with rosemary, served with a tomato, red onion and avocado salad; loin of pork with sautéed red cabbage and apples, and Pork Tenderloin Medallions with port wine and macerated prunes on a bed of orzo.

112: Creamy Desserts

Julia dons safety goggles and takes up a blowtorch for this hot dessert show. Delectable Creme Caramel and Crème Brulée vie for attention with creamy Chocolate Pot de Creme and Profiteroles with Ice Cream and Mocha Anglaise. This show is deliciously and elegantly decadent.

113: Shellfish

Julia and Jacques share opinions, and know-how, on mussels…and, oysters, clams and shrimp. Jacques shucks, Julia sauces, and they turn out Mussels Mariniere, Billi Bi soup, and Moules Ravigots, along with a classic shrimp cocktail and mignonette sauce.

114: Roast Chickens

Perfectly roasted chicken says Julia, is a telltale of a really good cook. Here are three ways to perfectly roasted chicken. Whether whole rack-roasted or trussed and stuffed under the skin with a savory and shallot sauté, or butterflied and roasted with a delicate spice rub, each has a crispy golden brown skin and juicy meat that say “Hmmmm! Great chicken!”

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